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" I worked with Rosemarie on a transformation project that she lead the strategy and design work for as a consultant to our company. Her approach to business strategy, change management and results is like nobody I have ever worked with. She works tirelessly to identify solutions and new methods by analyzing data and business trends to ensure optimal performance. She engages subject matter expertise from the business and works collaboratively within a team "
Strategy Consulting - Making a Positive Sustainable Impact

RHT Consulting is a strategy consulting firm that is differentiated by our ability to provide advisory services that drive enduring, breakthrough value for clients.  By partnering with our clients across the globe, we identify their highest-value strategy, address their most critical challenges and drive transformation that can be realized. Our team is passionate about creating client results and uncovering insights through rigorous analysis. We also care deeply about providing the right answer for clients, even if it isn't easy.


At the heart of our consulting services is an experienced leadership team and rich intellectual property and frameworks that are patent pending.  Recently, we patented a framework to drive growth breakthroughs for the life sciences industry, including technology transfer organizations. The core of this patent is deep due diligence across the following dimensions: market viability; operational doability; medical/scientific attractiveness; ability to get approval; ability to attract funding; collaboration opportunities and intellectual property value. There are over 150 elements of our life sciences due diligence framework.


Some of our recent accomplishments include:  

  1. creating the future state vision, roadmap, blueprint and benefits models for the National Institutes of Health to optimize commercialization
  2. developing the product/services/solutions strategy, roadmap, P&L forecast and capital raising plan for a startup focused on mental illness therapeutics and diagnostics
  3. creating a portfolio strategy, roadmap, blueprint and financial model for a leading infectious disease company


If you need to know:  Do I have the right product/service portfolio and associated business strategy that will create optimal shareholder and company value? Do I have the most effective and efficient capabilities that will support my strategy? Where and how do I get access to capital to achieve my strategy? Am I targeting the right collaborations?  Can I create a world-class technology transfer organization? And much do I solve my most difficult business strategies...RHT Consulting is the company that can help.


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